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The Traveling Tea Box Has Arrived!

IMG_1055IMG_1056 I love tea! My most favorite cups are rich, mouthy, malty, full-leaf bold black teas, but I also love Oolongs, especially of the roasted Wuyi type, & a variety of Puerhs. I also drink green & white teas, herbals, etc. Really I’ll try anything once. I’ve loved tea for a long, long time, & have a pretty ridiculous collection of teas. I try to drink a cup of each one of them once a month. I rarely succeed, but I enjoy trying. Today (Labor Day) marks a year since I stumbled upon Steepster.com. I love Steepster. It’s a 24 hour a day tea party. It’s my favorite online community. I know that I have one thing in common with everybody there: I love Tea!

That's a lot of Tea

The Here’s Hoping TTB. That’s a lot of Tea!

One of the best things about Steepster is the tea swaps I’ve been involved in. I’ve had some pretty awesome trades with tea drinkers from all over the world! It’s like having a pen pal, only even better! I’ve also been involved in a couple of Traveling Tea Boxes (TTB). This one, the “Here’s Hoping TTB” arrived on Friday, just in time for the 3 day weekend! It holds a total of 98 tea samples of varying sizes & varieties, from 59 companies

As if that wasn’t enough tea, the BBBB arrived on Saturday! That’s a smaller TTB that includes myself & 3 other friends. We wanted a TTB that was mostly black & puerh teas, especially from companies none of us had ever tried before. Each of us adds an oz of tea (or 2 half oz) to the box for each of the other 3 persons. When the box comes back to you, you get 3 ozs of tea, plus occasional extra surprises. We started the box a month ago, & it just came back to me! Here’s what I got:

My bag in the BBBB! It's like a Birthday present!

My bag in the BBBB! It’s like a Birthday present!

What to drink with breakfast?

What to drink with breakfast?Here’s what I got in this box:

Ying De Black No. 9 – Canton Tea Co

Rizhao Black – Ali Express

Antarctic Expedition – Silk Road

Queen of the Hill – Sloan

Cherry Pu’erh – Nature’s Leaf

Tiramisu Puerh – International House of Tea

Scottish Breakfast – Int. House of Tea

Good tea requires good food! For breakfast I made gluten free mixed berry crepes with coconut whipped cream & a drizzle of maple syrup, & home made breakfast sausage patties. Healthy decadence!