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Haiku & Peaches!


A few weeks ago Stacy Lim, the owner of Butiki Teas,Image http://www.butikiteas.com, celebrated her birthday with a special sale & a couple of fun contests, including a Haiku contest. I have always loved the art of Haiku, so I spent the day honoring Stacy by drinking only Butiki teas & writing Haiku about them!  I think I submitted 6 or 7 Haiku, & I won!  Yeah!

My winning Haiku was written for  Khongea Tippy Golden Assam.  This is a rich & potent Assam, grown in the Brahmputra river valley of the Assam region in India, on the Khongea Estate, a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which focuses on sustainability and living and working conditions of those working at that tea estate. I love the mouth filling maltiness, the slightly tannic oakiness, & the boldness of this brew. It has a deep cacao bass, a hint of cloves & cinnamon in the middle, & a citrus brightness at the top, all combining to produce a nicely balanced cup that is perfect with breakfast & also really nice with those rare occasions when I treat myself to dessert. Here’s my Haiku:

Life can be bitter,
and yet bitter reveals sweet.
Life is bittersweet.

On the same day that I won the Haiku contest, we picked the last peaches of summer. Peaches are among my most favorite of fruits, & homegrown peaches are worth waiting all year for. We washed, sliced, & trimmed peaches all afternoon. I wanted to have a special treat to celebrate my success, & to end the Peach season with a bang!

What I wanted was Peach Cobbler, how I love Peach Cobbler!!  I’ve been gluten/grain free for almost 2 years now,  & after searching the internet, I found an enticing recipe that was amazing & delicious on Oven Love’s blog: http://www.ovenloveblog.com/grain-free-peach-cobbler-paleo-gaps/

The cobbler was cooked in individual ramekins. I substituted Maple Syrup for the honey in the original recipe.

I also made a batch of quick & easy peach ice cream using my own recipe.

3 cups fresh peachesPeach Cobbler1 – fresh or frozen
1 can full fat coconut milk
1/4 c Maple SyruIMG_0992p (opt)
Vanilla – 1 tsp or more

blend in the blender, dump in the ice cream machine, & let it go! Once the ice cream was ready, I scooped it into silicone muffin cups in a muffin pan, putting them in the freezer to firm up a little more.

A perfect end to Peach season, & an awesome celebration of my Haiku, the combination of the bold Assam & the delicious cobbler & ice cream was YUMMY! Special thanks to Natalie, for her awesome peach cobbler recipe. Additional thanks to Stacy as always for her wonderful teas!


Author: terriharplady

Professionally speaking, I play the Harp: Electric & Acoustic, Classical, Folk, Blues, Rock, Jazz, & Originals. I also teach Harp in St. Louis. When I'm not doing music related things, I sip tea, make awesome food (Paleo), & garden. That's is pretty much my life in a nutshell!

2 thoughts on “Haiku & Peaches!

  1. Sounds awesome. I wouldn’t have thought of portioning off homemade ice cream like that, but it’s an excellent idea. If I freeze it all in one container, it always gets rock hard. Good solution!


  2. I haven’t made any ice cream for awhile, but now I want to, LOL.
    Ironically, I was thinking earlier today that I need to get back to my blog, and here we are!
    How ya doing sis? 🙂


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