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A Tour of My Garden


I love gardening! I love crawling around in the dirt with my clippers,  conquering weeds.  I love squatting next to a Tomato or Pepper plant & peeking into green bean & cucumber vines, like I’m on an easter egg hunt. I love clipping greens & herbs, making weird little hammocks for my big fat tomatoes, & pulling beets, turnips, & other roots from the earth. I love witnessing the emergence of freshly sprouted seedlings & recognizing volunteers that grew from last year’s plants that were allowed to flower & go to seed. I love being followed around the garden by robins who know me because they grew up in my yard. I love the sounds of all the birds that like to hang around, especially the Gold Finches, with their crazy canary calls & even crazier flying style. I love it when the sky is almost dark & the bats fly overhead.

The Earth is amazing! Every experiment in planting is like a miracle. Sometimes seeds don’t sprout. Sometimes cucumber beetles & squash bugs ruin everything. Sometimes we have a horrible hot droughty summer, like last year. Other times the weather is ideal & my garden is abundant, like this year. It’s awesome to walk out back with a couple of empty baskets & a pair of clippers, wander up & down the rows, visiting each bed to see what looks good today. I love bringing in baskets full of produce, & turning it into meals. I would be perfectly content to spend every day out there, breathing in the moment, witnessing the birds, insects, & other creatures, clipping weeds, talking to turtles, building trellises, & eating sugar snap peas off the vine. Here are some pictures that I took in my Garden this week. I hope you enjoy them!

IMG_0952 IMG_0922IMG_0928IMG_0924 IMG_0931   IMG_0950IMG_0945IMG_0951


IMG_0948  IMG_1169 IMG_0082 IMG_0878 IMG_0881 IMG_0880 IMG_0882 IMG_0885 IMG_0934IMG_0940 IMG_0942  IMG_0939 IMG_0960 IMG_0964


Author: terriharplady

Professionally speaking, I play the Harp: Electric & Acoustic, Classical, Folk, Blues, Rock, Jazz, & Originals. I also teach Harp in St. Louis. When I'm not doing music related things, I sip tea, make awesome food (Paleo), & garden. That's is pretty much my life in a nutshell!

7 thoughts on “A Tour of My Garden

  1. Thanks for being everything that you always wanted to be. You are an amazing chapter in my life. I’m glad that Facebook exists so that I can stay in touch with your awesomeness! Is there music playing when you play in the dirt? I hope so. 🙂


    • Thank YOU Susie! One of these days we’re gonna get to hang out, & it will be awesome! The only music playing in my garden is the songs of many birds, the wind, buzzing insects, & the music in my head!


  2. SO inspiring! I’d love to come see how you do all this!!
    We’ve been watching 2 caterpillars eat parsley in the window box by our back door, growing big, rescuing them so they’ll make cocoons and turn into swallow tail butterflies! Too much keeping me out of the yard this summer. May I live vicariously through you???


  3. I love your blog! I can relate to what you say! So awesome to breath in the moment. Beautiful!–Love to you and yours–Tia


  4. Ha Ha, I found you!!! Wow, you’re setting the bar high! I guess I’d better get to work on my blog sometime soon.

    Great pics. My favorite is the flower with the bee in it. But then, I would pick that one, wouldn’t I? 🙂


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